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Find Internships in the Beef Industry

Find Internships in the Beef IndustryFind Internships in the Beef IndustryThere are many internship options available for those wishing to gain experience in the beef cattle industry. Students majoring in animal science, beef production, and other closely related agricultural fields may benefit greatly from completion of industry internships. Internship Opportunities The IX Ranch offers internships on their 120,000-acre cow-calf operation in Montana. Internships are offered year-round in 3-month sessions. Spring interns (March to May) focus on calving, summer interns (June to August) focus on forage preparation, fall interns (September to November) focus on weaning and shipping, and winter interns (December to February) prepare the pregnant cows for calving. Horseback riding, roping, and various health management duties may be required. Gardiner Angus Ranch offers 10-week spring and fall internships at their facility in Kansas. Juniors or seniors majoring in agricultural fields a re encouraged to apply. Spring interns are involved with artificial insemination, pregnancy exams, and sales preparation. Fall interns are involved with calving, moving cattle from summer pastures, and sales preparation. Compensation includes a $2,000 stipend and housing. Select Sires offers both summer internships and veterinary internships each year at its headquarters in Plain City, Ohio. The summer internship has two options corporate communications (designing the yearly breeding calendar, newsletters, and press releases) or beef sire marketing (photography, videography, marketing projects, and traveling extensively). The veterinary internship is available to undergraduate and graduate students. Vet interns assist with reproductive work, exams, herd health, and more. The summer internships last for 12 weeks, and the veterinary internships for at least 4 weeks. Both are paid opportunities. The American Angus Association (AAA) offers a variety of internships in areas such as jour nalism, communications, marketing, and public relations. fruchtwein opportunities are for college juniorins and seniors majoring in agricultural journalism, animal science, or related fields. The Lone Creek Cattle Company offers several paid internship opportunities in areas such as beef sales, ranch management, and calving. Positions are located in Nebraska. Interns are compensated with a stipend, housing, and utilities. Duties vary by position but may include hands-on cattle work or marketing and sales of beef products. The Ohio Cattlemens Association offers several different internships in areas such as industrial relations, public relations, member services, youth activities, and beef improvement. Spring semester internships run from January to April, 20 hours per week, and interns receive a $1,000 scholarship. The summer public relations internship is full time, May to August, and the intern receives a $2,000 scholarship. College credit is also available. Cargill offers a wide range of internship opportunities in several states through its searchable website database. Options include cattle feeder internships, beef procurement internships, and ruminant sales internships. Candidates should be a sophomore or junior college students majoring in an agriculture-related field. Paint Rock Canyon Enterprises offers internships year-round on its commercial Wyoming ranch property. Interns must make at least a 3-month commitment and are welcome to stay on for extended periods. Duties for interns may include calving, vaccinating, moving cattle, hay production, fencing, and various ranch maintenance tasks. Compensation is provided in the form of housing and a stipend. The American Hereford Association (AHA) offers a summer junior activities internship for college students at its headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. The internship is a paid opportunity that runs from mid-May to mid-August. Interns assist with the planning of the Junior National Hereford Expo, writing press releases, taking photos, and other duties as assigned. Frequent travel and weekend hours are to be expected. Applications are due in mid-February. Other Ideas Those hoping to find a career in the beef industry may also find valuable opportunities on our other related internship pages dairy internships, animal nutrition internships, pre-veterinary internships, and animal behavior internships. Working with a bovine veterinarian also provides an excellent hands-on experience that is a big plus on a students resume. Students can also check with college professors, agricultural extension agents, farm cooperatives, and beef breeders to see what internship programs might be available in their local area.

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Five proven ways to build powerful relationships

Five proven ways to build powerful relationshipsFive proven ways to build powerful relationshipsMeaningful, mutually beneficial relationships are what lead to growth and tremendous opportunities. As much as we seek to advance ur own cause or profit, we learn in life that we elevate ourselves most when we seek to advance the cause and goals of the people we meet. This principle of the law of reciprocity is so important that we must lead with giving value to others if we aim to receive value in return.So many people jump right into trying to make money or living the dream without building relationships. Or worse yet, once they work to build a relationship, they do so under the guise of mutually beneficial gain, while only concerning themselves in thought and action with themselves.Speaking from experience, Ill tell you that youre worse off if you ever succeed in doing this. Because sooner or later, the joke will be on you, and youll find yourself worse off than where you began.Whether youre an entrepreneur or freelancer, or whether youre the founder of a start-up looking to scale your business, you will discover that you need relationships to survive. We need people to lean on in times of adversity and lost hope. We need people to coach and mentor us when we dont know the way. We need people to open doors for us that otherwise would remain closed.We need people who care to motivate, inspire and enable us to see in ourselves the image - the person - that weve always wanted to become.Business. Life. Personal and Professional Growth are about relationships. Here are five proven ways to build powerful, lasting relationships that yield value for each person.1. Give without expecting anything in returnThis advice is timeless because it is the single-best way to build relationships and positively influence people. When youre meeting with someone, show them what you can do for them. Dont just tell them. If you want someone to experience meaningful value, give it to the m and do so with maximum impact.This is so significant because it flips the paradigm so many people operate under Many people are unsuccessful at building relationships because theyre only in it for themselves.Well, guess what? If the world worked that way, none of us would get anything This is a narrow-minded focus and it doesnt work in business or in personal relationships. So, dont just think about giving value to others. Show them. Prove to them what value you can give them. Think about something that youre good at. What expertise do you have? What knowledge can you share with someone else that will enrich their life?Its wise to go into a meeting or conversation with an objective of what you want to get out of it. I think youll find that youll have so much more if you lead with generosity and service instead of only focusing on your own wants and needs.2. Show someone that you careHave a passionate curiosity around learning more about the people you already know, as well as the people you havent met yet. A great way to start here is to think about the things you admire in other people. What people in your life - or famous people - do you look up to? Paint a very clear picture and visualize in your mind what it is about them that makes you curious and enthusiastic about wanting to know them.From there, you can develop questions. You can become a detective. Get to know them. Schedule time to get on their calendar and meet at a time and location that is convenient for them. Ask them questions.What makes them fimmel?How do they define success?What do they love?What do they really want out of life?When youre curious and inquisitive, your enthusiasm and passion show. In other words - the best parts of you show. Isnt that how you want to represent yourself?3. Find a common bond (past) and determine how to leverage that to grow with that person (future)The pieces of who we are form and assemble from our past. Connections, impactful moments, ways that we self-id entify, these are formed from the experiences of our past. Find a common bond that you share with someone else. It could be an alumni connection, sports league or hobby that has been a huge part of your life.Think about what you might have in common, then listen. Focus on the other person and give that person your undivided attention and you will realize the importance of listening. Keep your ears open and youll discover themes in their story or their experience that might crossover with your own.In buchen to build with someone into the present and future, we have to know where theyve been. Maybe weve shared experiences and dreams that are very similar.4. Take that meeting with someone successful, even if you think YOU wont get something out of it.Theres always something to learn. I dont believe, at least in short-term theory, about Mark Cubans advice about only taking a meeting for money. For one, thats a very short-term strategy and way of looking at things. But hey, maybe thats t he way one feels when they become one of the richest people in the worldBut its not the way I feel, because Ive learned so much from taking meetings and getting mentoring and advice from others. Successful people are usually willing to share how theyve gotten to where they have. Listen up and go in without your own agenda. You may come out with more wisdom than you could have imagined.5. Be mindful and on the lookout for innovative ideas and opportunitiesLast but not least, become adept at reading between the lines. We dont always know what well hear. That meeting we take that might have originated under the auspices of trying to find a new job, might lead to the idea that helps us frame-up the purpose and mission for our lives.Be opportunistic. Keep an open-mind and you will never go wrong. Live by values and LEAD with values. Be true to you word. Be a person of integrity. Ive created and cultivated powerful relationships by following these five principles. Theyre yours to use. You ll flourish if you put them into practice.Show the people around you that you care about them and that youre willing to put them first. This is the mark of a true leader. Great leaders are vulnerable and unselfish. Ultimately, they thrive by exhibiting this behavior and in so doing, they earn the respect of all.Build the life you wantJoin my newsletterwhere I share inspirational and content and tools that will help you build the life you want. If youre interested in working with metry me here.Thisarticlefirst appeared on Medium.

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Robotic Self Starters

Robotic Self Starters Robotic Self Starters Robotic Self StartersMachine-intelligence startup Osaro of San Francisco aims to slash the time and skill needed to train industrial robots.Manufacturers will use the in-house-developed operating ordnungsprinzip to teach robots how to take their own actions toward human-set goals. In other words, industrial robots learn from their human mentors, then keep learning on their own thanks to the softwares algorithms.In a move that differs from the aim of other San Francisco startups (in late 2015, Osaro received $3.3 million in seed-rounding funding from some big names in computer software), the company plans to one day offer machine learning for industrial robots, which will allow manufacturers to perform mora nimbly by reducing the time they spend training robots, says Derik Pridmore, Osaros president.The company plans to offer its artificial intelligence, machine learning operating system to industrial robot manufacturers and their customers in 2017.Why the focus on robotic training? Industrial robots arent flexible. They need to be programmed, and then they go on to perform programmed actions by rote. Imagine the cost and time savings that can come from industrial robots that teach themselves, he says.Osaro also wanted to put the operating system to work on a current problem, rather than within a developing robotics industry such as for drones or small robots that perform household duties.Industrial manufacturing robots can now teach themselves how to perform according to human goals.Robotic TrainingToday, a skilled technician can spend weeks reprogramming an assembly-line robot, Pridmore says. His companys software should reduce that time to less than one week and help technicians program robotics that can cope on the fly with common manufacturing issues such as components that change shape and lines that change speeds.The technician trains the robot a few times on how to complete a task. The technician then scores th e robot on success of failure at the task. Using those scores, the robot begins training itself, he says. Rather than a technician telling a robot what to do, it figures it out on its own.This type of machine learning is particularly useful in environments that change over time, such as a manufacturing plant, Pridmore adds.The companys artificial intelligence operating system takes a deep learning approach that involves feeding the program large quantities of data to train it to make inferences based on new data. The system further blends deep learning with reinforcement learning, that is, teaching machines how to carry out certain functions through trial and error, Pridmore says.Deep learning and deep reinforcement learning are two techniques that fall under the broad heading of machine learning, which is allowing algorithms to learn from data.Quick LearnerNot only can robots powered by the Osaro operating system teach themselves, they are quick learners as well. The companys artif icial intelligence system can pick up a game 100 times faster than Google DeepMind, Pridmore says.In December 2013, Google DeepMind showcased its artificial intelligence system that learns how to play video games similar to the way humans learn. The system mastered seven Atari 2600 games in a matter of hours and could outperform some of the best human players.In March 2016, AlphaGo, a Google DeepMind program that learns to play the game Go, won in four to one rounds against Lee Se-dol, the worlds second-ranked professional Go player.With that kind of speed, the Osaro operating systems training process should be straightforward and effortless, Pridmore says.In the future, manufacturers will be able to show a robot a few parts, a finished product, and tell them to get to work on part assembly, he says.The Osara machine learning system is certainly a step beyond robotic arms like that from Universal Robot, of Denmark, which is itself a move beyond the type of commonly programmed indust rial robots mostly seen today.In contrast to traditional industrial robots, the Universal Robots stay hardwired inside safety enclosures. As they run on electricity, they can be moved from site to site within a factory and can be reprogrammed, often by the part who had been doing the job the robot is set to take over, within minutes, says Scott Mabie, general manager of Universal Robots Americas Division.A plant employee can quickly program the arm to perform a relatively simple, repetitive task, Mabie says.With robots like these in the pipeline, Pridmore and Mabie expect manufacturers to slash set-up and production times, decrease downtime, and increase their bottom lines in the process.Jean Thilmany is an independent writer.Industrial robots learn from their human mentors, then keep learning on their own thanks to the softwares algorithms.Derik Pridmore, president, Osaro

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Veterinary Specialist Career Options

Veterinary Specialist Career OptionsVeterinary Specialist Career OptionsThere are a number of veterinary specialties recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Certification as a veterinary specialist generally requires an additional two to three years of study, plus passing an intensive board examination. The specialty residency is completed under the supervision of a board certified specialist in the field. The various veterinary specialty board certifications may be based on specific disciplines and organ systems, or they may be focused on the management and care of one particular species. Species-Specific Specialties The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) governs specialty certification in eleven different species. Certification is available as a veterinary specialist in avian, beef cattle, canine, dairy cattle, equine, exotic companion mammal, feline, food animal, reptile, swine medicine, and shelter medicine practice. Anesthesiology The sp ecialty of veterinary anesthesiology is concerned with the use and administration of a variety of anesthetic agents to provide proper sedation during veterinary surgical procedures. Behavior The specialty of veterinary behavior focuses on discovering the causes of behavioral issues and the treatment of animals with the appropriate medications or modification techniques so that undesirable behavior can be controlled. Emergency and Critical Care The specialty of veterinary emergency and critical care is concerned with the treatment and care of animals suffering from traumatic injuries or the sudden onset of life-threatening diseases.There are over 510 practicing emergency and critical care diplomates. Dentistry The specialty of veterinary dentistry is concerned with providing routine preventative dental care and oral surgery procedures to promote dental health in a variety of species. Dermatology The specialty of veterinary dermatology is focused on diagnosing disorder s of the skin, hair, ears, and nails. Veterinary dermatologists also identify external parasites, allergies, and other hormonal conditions which may have an impact on the condition of an animals skin. Epidemiology The study of veterinary epidemiologyis governed by the American College of Veterinary Preventative Medicine. Veterinary epidemiology is the specialty concerned with the study of the origination, spread, and containment of diseases in the animal population. Internal Medicine The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine certifies internal medicine specialists in the fields of veterinary cardiology, veterinary oncology, veterinary neurology, large animal internal medicine, and small animal internal medicine.There are over 2,500 internal medicine specialists currently practicing. Lab Animal Medicine The specialty of veterinary lab animal medicine is concerned with the study of rodents, rabbits, and other animals used for research purposes in a laboratory se tting. Microbiology The specialty of veterinary microbiology is involved with the study of bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases. The American College of Veterinary Microbiologists also certifies specialists in such areas as veterinary bacteriology, veterinary mycology, veterinary parasitology, veterinary immunology, and veterinary virology. Nutrition The specialty of veterinary nutrition is concerned with the use of nutritional management strategies to promote animal health and manage the symptoms of various diseases. Ophthalmology The specialty of veterinary ophthalmology is concerned with the study of the eye and related structures, as well as the proper treatment of disorders which may affect an animals vision. Pathology The specialty of veterinary pathology is concerned with the study of disease and the changes that occur in an animal as a result of a diseases progression. There are nearly 2,000 practitioners in this specialty area. Pharmacology (Clinical) T he specialty of veterinary clinical pharmacology is concerned with the composition, usage, and biological effects of animal drugs. Poultry The specialty focuses specifically on poultry like chickens and turkeys, their health, well being and any reproductive concerns. Preventive Medicine Vets that achieve certification in preventive medicine are proficient in food safety, hygiene, infectious disease prevention, and control. The specialty also includes training in environmental health, disaster response including bioterrorism. Radiology and Radiation Oncology The specialties of veterinary radiology and veterinary radiation oncology are focused on techniques in the fields of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. Reproductive Medicine The specialty of veterinary reproductive medicine (theriogenology) is concerned with the study of reproductive management techniques and the treatment of reproductive disorders.There are more than 300 certified specialists in this area. Surgery The specialty of veterinary surgery is focused on the use of advanced surgical techniques to provide care for injured or diseased animals. There are over 1,500 active diplomates in the field. Toxicology Veterinary toxicology is a specialty concerned with the study of naturally occurring biological toxins as well the as toxic effects of some drugs, feed additives, and environmental factors. Zoological Medicine The specialty of veterinary zoological medicinefocuses on the study of exotic animals kept in zoological parks including research, medical care, and treatment options.

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Who Else Is Lying to Us About Make You Own Beats Online?

Who Else Is Lying to Us About Make You Own Beats Online? The Dos and Donts of Make You Own Beats Online The audio editing program Music Maker allows users to start straight away. Its possible to learn how to play your favourite songs, or youll be able to begin to make your very own original compositions. Project files are simply simple text-based files with each one of the settings in there. To earn music on the internet you should fully get familiar with the functions and the settings of your program so that you can develop your song more. Also, in case you have friends on Twitter that also make beats, or are involved some manner in the audio business, they are also able to retweet and share your posts too, like Id mentioned earlier about Facebook. Every day all over the world, many men and women sit down and make their own music on the guitar. Although Facebook is a social networking website, its still a fantastic way to find the hundertprozentig out about your beats. T heres no single, foolproof means to understand how to strum, so locate a technique that is right for you. Mastering is the previous step in the music making process which makes sure everything is completely perfect. With the improvement of technology, beat making software is affordable, dependable and simple to use. Just attempt to learn from the approach. Make You Own Beats Online - the Story Audiotool There is not any specific software which makes trap beats only. Thus, you have the maximum beat making software that is available to you. You will be creating your own beats right away Dont be worried if your first beats arent perfect, a great software will alow you to return over what youve created and clean this up. Re-market to previous customers It can be difficult to come across good paying customers, but if its possible to make them purchase from you once, theres a good opportunity you are able to make them purchase from you again because you know they will pay for qual ity beats instead of merely asking for free beats. Among the most well-known areas to sell your beats is Soundclick. The internet program utilizes royalty free sounds you could utilize to create your beats. Either option you decide on, we still need to inform you on the advantages and disadvantages of each way to create your own rap beats. Staying motivated is a significant part about figuring out how to play guitar. Good teachers can rate your style and offer useful pointers. Regardless of what style you want, you can learn how to play your favourite songs on the guitar. Playing guitar can really be hazardous to your health if youre not taking the appropriate precautions. It isnt necessary that you get every one of the skills involved with playing the guitar immediately. Practice daily and soon youll be on your way to becoming a superb guitar player. You might also order custom made ties for weddings to coordinate with the distinctive tone of the venue and stick out in t he crowd. You also ought to receive your music out to people, so they can get it You also need to give yourself for freestyle time in order for your creative talents may have an opportunity to express themselves. Pick the fashion of music you would like to make online. Make You Own Beats Online Fundamentals Explained You must master the usage of this beat making equipment for you to earn music online. With Bandzoogle, it is simple to design your own beat selling website using templates that will be quickly customized to coincide with your brand. Fortunately, there are tons of online programs obtainable for beat making. Do it now from your home with beat making software at a portion of the amount of studio equipment.Making beats on the internet is easy and very hands on, and the very best part about it is you dont need to download any big software. Once you get it, its removed from our website for good. Besides Javascript, there are a great deal of other good and totally fr ee programs out there for download online if all you will need is a nahe daran sein beat. A fast search on your favourite search engine will yield a couple hundred results.

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3 Things That Leave a Bad Interviewing Impression on Candidates - Spark Hire

3 Things That Leave a Bad Interviewing Impression on Candidates - Spark HireWhile interviewing can be extremely stressful for candidates, theres a large amount of pressure on the interviewers themselves. So, have you ever wondered why many of your interviews dont seem to end with a hire? If you, as the interviewer, leave a bad impression on your candidate, you could miss out on a potential asset to your organization. Anything from the questions youre asking to the work environment itself can rub candidates the wrong way.Take into consideration some of these mistakes you might be making during your interviews and make the necessary adjustments to departure leaving better impressions on your candidates.1. Your appearance is interferingMuch of the impression we leave on others is attributed to the way we look. In fact, studies show that 55% of the first impression we develop about someone is drawn from their physical appearance. While we often compel candidates to look their best, its e qually important for interviewers to look professional as well, and the way you look could be part of the reason your applicants take their talents elsewhere.Small aspects of your appearance could serve as a distraction for your interviewee, so put a little extra effort into your look while preparing for interviews. A tailored suit and tie or a classy dress are important for exuding professionalism and look best with hard-earned, consistent self-care. Presenting yourself professionally means having confidence in your appearance. If youre self-conscious of easily-controlled problems like acne, male pattern baldness, or inconsistent complexion small grooming efforts can go a long way in making you feel and look professional, respected, and trustworthy to others. In addition, a clean, sophisticated look will elend only prevent any visual distractions for your candidate, but also represent how you value your career and the interviewees time.2. Youre not making them feel welcomeCandidate s also develop an opinion early on about the work environment and whether or not they will feel comfortable. If the workplace is not inviting, either due to the people or the infrastructure of the office, applicants will likely be very quickly turned off. Theres a aussicht you arent giving enough thought to what your applicants are walking into.Besides making sure the workplace is simply clean and organized, presenting snacks or beverages to newcomers as they arrive will make your office more inviting. You should also encourage existing employees to introduce themselves and welcome interviewees. The location of the interview can also affect their relaxation, so comfortable chairs, proper temperatures, and a well-lit room are necessities in a welcoming office space. Make a point to continue the friendliness yourself before settling into the interview smile, introduce yourself, and ask the candidate about themselves. Remember, first impressions can make or break the interview, so work hard to make candidates feel like they fit in as soon as they arrive.3. Youre asking the wrong questionsOnce the interview gets started, you might encounter some awkward silences, or find that the dialogue isnt getting anywhere. Though you might initially blame that on your candidate, the questions youre asking, or the way in which youre asking them, it could be one of the common interviewing communication mistakes preventing you from finding the right people for the desired position. If youre doing the majority of the talking, or not letting them display their personality, they could leave the interview with a negative perception of your company.Good interview questions should not only be relevant to the job requirements, but also allow the subject to think outside the box. Ask open-ended questions that give candidates the opportunity to share their unique perspective and experiences. Include situational questions as well because they indicate typical behavior and decision-making qualities while allowing the candidate to be more creative. Asking these questions in the interview allows you to develop a better understanding of the applicant, discover their skillset, and determine if theyre a good fit for the job.Take the time to make a connection with interviewees so that they feel comfortable and confident throughout the meeting. When candidates feel at ease, theyll be able to effectively answer your questions and show off their employability. Cut back on your interviewing mistakes to create better first impressions and youll see more successful interviews.